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Revenue & Profitability

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    Product Performance Monitoring

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    Sales Forecasting

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    Cross-Sell Prediction

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Customer Experience

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    Customer Retention

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    Customer Complaint Management


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    Automated Decision Scoring

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Risk & Compliance

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    Fraud Detection

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    Non-Performing Loan
    (Payment Default)

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  • With artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), insurance companies can now leverage data analytics to make risk management decisions with greater speed.

    TAZI AI easily puts intelligent, actionable insights continuously, in your hands.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

  • The Healthcare & Pharma Industry is data driven. With an increasing volume and complexity, the data generated by the sector needs to be faster and more accurately analyzed and understood to generate actionable outcomes at any level of the value chain.

    TAZI brings an easy-to-use AI/ML to the hands of the domain experts, empowering them to make better decisions based on objectives, solid and constantly updated predictions.

Financial Services

  • As AI technologies have become a strategic imperative in the Banking and Finance Industry, TAZI Solutions are tailored for you to start creating value with AI.


  • Telecom companies collect massive data continuously from both the network infrastructure and the subscribers' usage of services. TAZI continuous learning makes it possible to leverage this data in real time for ML modeling in an extremely efficient way.

    TAZI models come with actionable insights, enabling business decision support.


  • As AI is giving manufacturers an unprecedented ability to leverage the power of predicting the demand, need of maintenance or price elasticity, TAZI’s continuously updated machine learning models help keep track of unexpected changes and act beforehand.

Retail & E-Commerce

  • Predict exactly which customers are more likely to buy your new products and services. TAZI’s continuously updated machine learning models predict who is likely to purchase from you with high accuracy.
    TAZI models come with actionable insights, enabling business decision support.

What our customers say

Business Intelligence Analyst

TAZI makes machine learning accessible to organizations without large data science teams

Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics Group Manager

Tazi shows us the micro segments we need to examine with its explanation models. We have gained speed in our analytical projects. We don't have to spend a lot of time to create or deploy models anymore, instead we utilize our time to analyze the model outputs and create business value.

Management Information System Team

TAZI supports business teams to react to competition proactively and accelerates decision making processes by providing an effortless way to create and deploy high performing, automated and dynamic Machine Learning models to discover hidden insights that lie within the data.

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Business Value

Easy to use / No-code

Business users can use and collaborate easily, without being data scientists, deploy in 10-40 days

Explainable AI

Business users can understand, improve and take actions with AI models

Continuous Learning

Adaptive to changing environments


Business users can assist and correct AI, reducing data needs by up to 75%

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