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Welcome to the Machine Learning Platform for all!

  • Business-Focused: TAZI is highly focused on business outcome and ROI of AI predictions.
  • Easy to Use: TAZI can be used by any business user, whether it is a business intelligence analyst or a C-level executive.
  • Adaptive: TAZI never stops learning and adapts to any change in the business environment!
  • Explainable: TAZI provides an explanation to business users for any AI prediction.


TAZI enables cross-collaboration across the whole organization!

  • For executives: TAZI Executive Dashboards to understand the current and AI-optimized KPIs.
  • For data engineers and data scientists: TAZI Profiler to immediately understand and gain insights on your ML-Ready data sources.
  • For business analysts: TAZI Business Dashboards and Explanation model to understand and validate the AI models for production.
  • For end-users: TAZI CRM Integrations to take business action within minutes.

Deployment Options:

  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • On-Prem

What can you do by using TAZI:

  • Classify: Detect and predict different subsets of your operations for ROI optimization
  • Forecast: Forecast your continuously changing operational metrics such as sales
  • Cluster: Cluster and segment your data into specific groups with similar attributes


What can you achieve by using TAZI:

  • AI-enablement across your organization
  • ROI in less than 3 months
  • Quick, data-driven, actionable business insights for all your operations


Super-charge your predictive analytics actions with TAZI's End-to-End integrations:

  • Snowflake
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Azure
  • Salesforce
  • Tableau

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The TAZI Platform™

TAZI Deploy™

Create and Manage Your ML Models

TAZI Deploy with its easy to use interface allows users to create and deploy models. It also shortens the model update cycles since business users can check data quality, create new features and business KPIs and undertake automated hyper-parameter optimization of run parameters.

TAZI Hunt™

Run Continuously Learning ML Algorithms

TAZI Hunt is our secret sauce and what works in the background to make our platform work. It is composed of proprietary as well as open source algorithms, combining different ML methodologies that learn and work together in a continuous way to generate superior models. TAZI Hunt is focused on both the quality and accuracy of the models it provides to the customer.

TAZI Live™

Evaluate Model Outputs and Performance

TAZI Live allows users to visualize the model outputs, review model performance and explanations. Furthermore, TAZI Live allows business users to augment their predictions whilst taking and managing actions. TAZI Live is designed in a user friendly way with the necessary management dashboards for overview and decision making.

TAZI Insights™

Interact With Patterns and Take Actions

TAZI Insights allows domain users to understand machine learning models in detail. They can interact with the models for better understanding and decide on the appropriate business actions (and sometimes even data or machine learning actions) based on that understanding. 

TAZI Dashboard™

Visualize the Model Outputs As You Want

TAZI Dashboard allows domain users to understand how prediction models operate. Each model’s dashboard is created automatically on a customizable interface. So business users can update the dashboard in minutes based on need to maximize the business benefit.

TAZI Hypo™

Optimize the Model Performance

TAZI Hypo allows you to optimize model parameter values and boost your model performance accordingly in short time. Instead of trying to find the optimum values of the model parameters, you can just say your parameter names to TAZI Hypo and it can find the best combination for you and you can directly use that configuration and create a business model in minutes.

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