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Heading towards a data-driven world faster by the day, organizations are encountering various challenges with their data while trying to adjust. At TAZI, we designed the 'Data Quality, Validation and Enrichment as a Service' tool, in a way to help different roles overcome their data challenges. TAZI Profiler™ is ideal for Data Owners, Business and Data Analysts, Data Engineers and Data Scientists.

With TAZI Profiler™, you will be able to examine your data and review the weaknesses with just one click.

Determine what is useful in your data and get feature recommendations to speed up your data processing operations.

Ensure your data is Machine Learning ready.

TAZI's no-code tool

Empowers you to check data quality and important statistics by automating the manual work usually involved in data discovery and preparation

Makes feature engineering easier with recommendations even for composite features and data transformations

Helps you prepare data for machine learning by getting insights from your data.

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