Kahve Dünyası, the leading coffee brand of Turkey, has a wide range of products varying from coffee, chocolate, bakery products, ice cream and many more with its locations in 6 countries including Turkey, nearly 1000 sales points with gas stations in total made an agreement with TAZI in the field of artificial intelligence.

The food and service industry has a great potential to benefit from AI, which is currently transforming the production, distribution, and consumption processes. AI can have a substantial positive impact on the industry at both a strategic and operational level through more flexible decision-making, effective production, improved environmental adaptation, and a more collaborative value chain.

With the help of this agreement, the predictive modeling of all sales and logistics processes of Kahve Dünyası will be performed on TAZI’s Adaptive ML platform and be integrated into their systems. This process will allow Kahve Dünyası to adopt a more efficient workflow.

Making a statement on the subject, TAZI country manager Cenk Kıral said, “We are glad to be partnering with another remarkable local and global leading brand. With the TAZI Platform, we aim to support to improve their processes with fast and continuous actionable insights.”

About Kahve Dünyası:

A brand of Altınmarka Group which is the sixth largest producer of industrial cocoa and the second largest producer of industrial chocolate in the world has nearly 40 years of chocolate experience, Kahve Dünyası opened its first store in the Eminönü district of Istanbul. Kahve Dünyası has rapidly become one of the leading brands in the industry with its hospitality and catering culture. It is currently the coffee and chocolate chain with the highest geographical penetration in Turkey. With nearly 1000 sales points and more than 200 stores in Turkey, and with 15 stores abroad, Kahve Dünyası hosts and serves more than 100 thousand guests on a daily basis. Kahve Dünyası undertakes the operation of all of the stores in its chain by itself, thereby offering guaranteed quality. The brand offers more than a thousand flavors including coffee, chocolate, ice cream, bakery and healthy food with its unique coffee store perspective across Turkey. Kahve Dünyası's motto is "to offer a meeting point for all of us" and has a platform called budunyahepimizin.org, under which it makes collaborations with non-governmental organizations and corporate social responsibility projects.

About TAZI:

TAZI AI was established in 2017 in San Francisco with the R&D resources in Istanbul with a unique vision of enabling every human using ML to make better choices. Shaped by real-life experience with its customers, TAZI's SaaS solutions keep business experts in the driver's seat while empowering data science teams. With the founders’ 60+ years of experience in Machine Learning systems and software developments starting all the way from Caltech and MIT,  TAZI’s technology revolutionized the entire approach to the market. TAZI Platform enables business users to create, monitor and contribute to the ML solutions as business conditions continuously change. This is possible thanks to TAZI's patented continuous learning, explainable AI, human-in-the-loop differentiators and also our team. TAZI has been chosen by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in Core AI Technologies, received an Honorable Mention in 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Cloud AI Developers Services and is cited as a Responsible, Explainable AI vendor in various analyst reports.

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