ITEA organized the ITEA Family reunion 2022, on the 14th and 15th of September, on the back of the ITEA PO Days 2022 in Helsinki. During this reunion, they celebrated ITEA 4 and its Community. One of the sessions put the innovative SMEs of the ITEA Community in the spotlight in the ‘SMEs Stars’ session, highlighting them and the impact their participation in ITEA project(s) had. ITEA Vice Chairman, Jean Francois Lavignon, hosted this interactive session.‍

Due to the successful participation in the DayTime project, TAZI was invited to participate and took part in this celebratory session to present the impact of the ITEA Project participation.

We had a chance to collaborate with leading partners along the software innovation value chain and further improve the technology readiness level of current software as it adapts to changing market conditions.

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