In today’s digital world, customers expect to resolve their problems instantly and always expect high quality service. However, customer service operations might be limited for certain companies and there is a significant need to understand the customers’ complaints and route each complaint to the appropriate department for resolution. 

TAZI Customer Complaint Management Solution is the next generation, easy to use, no-code machine learning solution for management of customer complaints in call centers or websites. The goal of the solution is to categorize the complaint by the underlying problem and offer an appropriate solution by routing the complaint to the right department. The solutions allows the IT operations and customer service teams to increase their efficiency and improve customer satisfaction by handling complaints with an automated process. 

It is a packaged solution that can be deployed into any organization in less than 40 days using our proprietary TAZI Method. With our solution, you get a data dictionary, parametrized integrations to your legacy systems and CRM, for example salesforce, off the shelf customizable dashboards, and a list of actions.

Demonstrated Benefits: 

  • Increase in IT Resolution Speed and Efficiency
  • Increase in Call Center Efficiency
  • Increase the resolution speed of your customer complaints
  • Improve the productivity of your customer service and IT support specialists 
  • Improve your digital customer experience


  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Telecommunication


Customer Service and IT specialists are dealing with high volumes of customer complaints on a daily basis and can not send the customer claims to the right department for resolution efficiently. 


By using historical customer complaint and resolution data, TAZI continuously monitors customer complaints on websites and call centers. By monitoring complaints and categorizing each complaint in real-time, TAZI provides a resolution sentence for faster resolution and improves customer satisfaction.

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