Customer churn is a dynamic and important problem to solve for any vertical. The acquisition cost for each customer, combined with cross-product churn and the potential increase in risk of the unknown vs known customer, drives the need to proactively identify and prevent potential churn. Churn prevention is more beneficial than constant acquisition of new customers to replace churners.

TAZI Customer Retention Solution is a no-code, ready-to-use, understandable machine learning solution that allows your outreach and customer engagement teams to better serve the customers you want to retain. The solution allows the outreach team in any organization to increase its efficiency by providing a prioritized list of potential customers they need to reach out to before they churn. The solution creates a customized outreach strategy for each customer based on the time and channel to be used to contact customers.

It is a packaged solution that can be deployed into any organization in less than 40 days using our proprietary TAZI Method. With our solution, you get a data dictionary, parametrized integrations to your legacy systems and CRM, for example salesforce, off the shelf customizable dashboards, and a list of actions. 

Demonstrated Benefits

  • 27% Reduction of Churn in Targeted Customer Segments
  • 25% Increase in Outreach Efficiency 
  • Understand the customer segments that have a high likelihood of churn
  • Take the suggested next best action to retain your customers


  • Insurance
  • Finance
  • Retail & E-Commerce
  • Telecommunication

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