Understanding the current performance of your products can be exhausting as the customer and competitor behavior is dynamically changing. There is a continuous need to understand the customer segments that provide benefit for your business and exclude the ones that have loss experience. 

TAZI Disease Diagnosis and Progression is a no-code, easy and ready-to-use, understandable, machine learning solution for the healthcare industry. 

The goal of the solution is to predict the highest-risk patients for certain types of diseases and provide a progression estimate of the disease for the next 6 months. The solution allows the physicians in any health clinic or hospital to make data-backed decisions and supports their critical thinking. By providing a risk score and reason for disease diagnosis, physicians can decide to order more physical tests to confirm the diagnosis and apply the right treatment at the right time.

TAZI supports the critical decisions of clinicians by providing a risk assessment of patients and their progression estimates. For each patient, the most updated medical results and patient history is analyzed in order to define the current status of the patient. TAZI provides a risk score for each patient with relevant patient attributes in order to support clinical decision-making. Clinicians can use the risk score and explanation of current status to confirm their own diagnosis. 

Increase your patient experience by: 

  • Avoiding ordering unnecessary medical tests
  • Providing an explanation to at-risk patients 
  • Apply Point-of-Care treatment to at-risk patients 
  • Anticipating treatments and increasing treatment adherence
  • Increase the operational efficiency of your physicians by 10%.
  • Decrease your mortality rate and complication rate in your organization
  • Identify the reasons for each at-risk patient


  • Healthcare
  • Pharma

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