TAZI Fraud Detection Solution™ is a no-code, easy and ready to use, understandable, machine learning solution for the risk and compliance, and investigation teams. The goal of the solution is to predict the suspicious claims or transactions that might include fraud and help investigation teams prioritize their fraudulent cases.

TAZI ML Solutions are packaged, ready to use, ML solutions that aims to improve one of the value drivers across the organization.

It allows the investigation rate of organizations to be increased to as high as 10%, while keeping the number of false positives to a minimum. TAZI provides a list of suspicious claims or transactions for further investigation and helps the investigation teams prioritize their investigations by providing a Fraud Score. With TAZI’s continuous learning engine, each prediction is real-time and business members can start taking actions instantly. Finally, TAZI will double your team's fraud catch rate by enabling AI across your organization.

It is a packaged solution that can be deployed into any organization in less than 40 days using our proprietary TAZI Method. With our solution, you get a data dictionary, parametrized integrations to your legacy systems, off-the-shelf customizable dashboards, and a prioritized list of suspicious cases in real-time. 

Demonstrated Benefits: 

  • Increase fraud investigation rate across the organization
  • Decrease the number of false positives while increasing the fraud catch rate
  • Increase efficiency of risk management teams 
  • Automate fraud processing


  • Insurance
  • Finance
  • Telecommunication

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