Lead scoring is the science of ranking one sales lead against another based on various buyer profiles. With these insights, a team is able to spend their resources on the most desirable leads, able to automate decisioning in some scenarios, and prescribe human actions in others.  Through these capabilities, a company is able to funnel profitable growth by increasing lead conversion rates for pursuing sales that are desirable to their business. 

Conventional lead scoring methods concentrate on limited decisioning factors, such as the interest level a lead may have. Adding to these traditional methods, TAZI Lead Scoring Solution leverages underlying models that incorporate numerous features (e.g. propensity to buy, profitability).  Furthermore, TAZI’s patented continuous learning technology ensures that shifts in data trends are incorporated to update the Lead Scoring model. 

An effective Lead Scoring solution should incorporate data from all pertinent sources, internal and external. In fact, according to Gartner, external data, such as demographics, is one of the most important criteria for a successful lead scoring solution. TAZI’s solution comes with an explanatory data dictionary and external data integrations like WIP ready to support prioritizing the most important leads that could buy your product or service.

TAZI Lead Scoring Solution™ is a packaged solution that can be deployed into any organization in less than 40 days using our proprietary TAZI Method. Our solution contains:

  • A prioritized list of leads with AI-predicted scores
  • Recommended business actions to accompany each score
  • Explanatory data dictionary
  • External demographics data for each lead
  • Parametrized integrations to your CRM systems such as Salesforce
  • Off-the-shelf and configurable dashboards.

Demonstrated Benefits 

By leveraging TAZI’s Lead Scoring Solution, Marketing, Sales and Underwriting teams are able to 

  • Leverage insights from lead characteristics to define and priorities target customer profiles 
  • Incorporate propensity to buy and profitability models to create leads for sales campaigns
  • Understand buying behavior to recommend outreach strategies, where appropriate


The TAZI Lead Scoring Solution can be leveraged by Sales, Marketing and Underwriting teams in the following industries

  • Insurance
  • Banking & Finance
  • Retail & E-Commerce
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