TAZI Payment Default Solution is the next generation, easy to use, no-code machine learning solution for the potential defaulting products of the institutions. The goal of the solution is to predict the non-performing payments and take the right actions to prevent the institution from giving products that are likely to default. The payments are categorized as “current” or “default” according to TAZI predictions.

The solution allows the risk management team in any institution to increase its efficiency and decrease the default rate across the organization.It can be deployed in less than 40 days using our proprietary TAZI Method. A data dictionary, parametrized integrations to your legacy systems and CRM, for example salesforce, off the shelf customizable dashboards, and a list of actions are provided.

Demonstrated Benefits: 

  • Decrease your payment default rate 
  • Increase the acceptance rate of non-risky customers
  • Identify the customers that produce the highest expected loss and recommend actions for better performance


  • Finance
  • Telecommunication
  • Energy


The current payment default rate is very high in the organization and there is a need to identify the most risky customers for any potential loss of revenue.


By using historical payment and customer attribute data, TAZI continuously monitors payment applications and predicts the possible payment defaults. By monitoring payments and accepting/rejecting payments in real-time, TAZI decreases the loss of revenue.

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