Understanding the current performance of your products can be exhausting as the customer and competitor behavior is dynamically changing. There is a continuous need to understand the customer segments that provide benefit for your business and exclude the ones that have loss experience. 

TAZI ML Solutions are packaged, ready to use, ML solutions that aims to improve one of the value drivers across the organization.

TAZI Product Performance Monitoring Solution is a no-code, easy and ready to use, understandable, machine learning solution for product and portfolio managers. 

This solution aims to automate the workflow of product managers by providing the problematic and successful micro-segments in the customer portfolio. By observing the loss and profit drivers across different customer segments, pricing and risk models can be monitored and customized actions are offered for each segment. 

In addition, especially when there are abrupt changes through competition, economic conditions, and risk levels, there might also be emerging micro-segments with small amounts of data where traditional machine learning models are not able to detect these new patterns. For these situations, TAZI’s self-updating models can be fine-tuned by business SMEs that are able to detect newly emerging patterns for improved performance.

TAZI Profitability & Rate Monitoring Solution

With TAZI, the  product managers can now drill down into the micro-segments to monitor the loss ratio and observe profitability trends. The user can view the profitability drivers for each segment and can take the best action for an increase in revenue. Based on historical customer behavior, the system recommends the right action that has the highest probability of success. 

Lastly, TAZI’s main differentiators in the product management space are self-adaptive, continuous learning, human-in-the-loop feature, and customized action offering to different profitable segments.

Demonstrated Benefits 

  • Improve profitability, hence the combined ratio
  • Create a customized outreach and marketing campaign for profitable customers
  • Identify the customer segments that have the highest loss and recommend actions for exclusion


How it works

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