Debt Recovery Prescription

Prioritize the debt recovery outreach by selecting the right channel and action and learning which actions cause the least customer annoyance. Increase your debt recovery rate with machine learning. 

  • 500% increase in debt recovery compared to random calling 
  • Improve call center efficiency

Non Performing Loan (NPL) Prediction

Predict which customers will/will not pay back a loan within a certain period of time and what actions you need to take in order to prevent delinquency. 

  • Real-time loan application monitoring and decrease in loan default rates 
  • Improved customer satisfaction

Churn Prediction

Getting a new customer is at least 4 to 7 times more costlier than keeping an existing one. Using the TAZI continuous learning technology, predict customer churn within a 1, 2, 3 months time horizon and take the right retention actions. 

  • Decrease customer churn by 17%

Finance – IRA Churn Prediction

Analyze the real reasons behind your losing customers.TAZI can help you increase customer loyalty by identifying future churn and giving business experts the ability to act before it is too late. 

  • Improve customer loyalty and keep a commission of accounts with high CLV

Finance – Propensity Score Prediction (Upsell/XSell)

Offer the right product to the right customer and get the real value from your products with our solution. Make your customers happy and boost your sales. 

  • Improve your conversion rate 
  • Understand the customer segments that have a higher likelihood of purchasing another product
  • Receive a propensity score for each customer

Banking – Credit Risk Prediction

Understand the underlying risk factors for micro-segments. Investigate each pattern by means of examining specific customers, feature distributions, and the number of instances observed. Take corrective actions as well as make plans for marketing and client outreach activities. Imagine you could detect credit risk accurately up to 95%

  • Early detection of customers before their loan payments fail
  • Discovery of new high-quality customer segments
  • Banking customer support
  • Design of new unique credit products

Card Payments Online Fraud Detection

Catch new types of fraud as they happen with ML models that are continuously trained. Detect fraud with fewer data and prevent it with timely actions.

  • Automatize the fraud detection process with continuous and real-time machine learning
  • Detect the root cause of the case of card copying fraud fast
  • Communicate the suspected root causes with their explanations to the relevant parties
  • Minimize the false positives

Check Fraud Prediction

Automate the check risk detection process with TAZI continuous ML and Detect fraud incidents in advance. Receive a risk score for each check. 

  • Automate the check drawing process by minimizing the default risk 
  • Understand the reasons for fraud for each customer 

Finance – Stock Market Prediction

Get new trading opportunities backed by accurate predictions which are produced by the TAZI Continuous SaaS Platform. Stay on the green side of the line in a continuously changing world.

  • Produced a positive ROI within a 15 day test period and ROI computation included the trading cost

Finance – Stock Market Anomaly Prediction

Detect anomalies early and take valuable actions to minimize the risk with the benefit of TAZI continuous ML algorithms.

  • >12x faster compared to batch systems
  • Captured variables that determine the market behavior

Finance – Pairs Trading

Trained models for each bond, and successfully predicted the change in the spread for the next day.

  • Generated 23.33 bps (basis points) return within 36 days
  • The return of 7.3 bps achieved which is higher than the traditional pair trading method performance
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