Point of Sale Daily Demand Prediction

Increase the number of delivered products by improving the distribution quality. We increased the availability of products by 4% on 1000 routes for one of our clients.

  • Increased the number of unique SKUs and base categories sold at each store
  • Increased the number of SKUs sold at each store
  • Provided decision support to thousands of individual truck drivers and sales reps every morning, democratizing AI

Clothing Demand Prediction

Enables you to uncover features that determine whether an item will be sold or not. Such information is used in future product supply, design, and pricing. Be one step ahead and boost your sales.

Restaurant Demand Prediction

Increase customer satisfaction and reduce your costs today by predicting multiple items simultaneously and in an interrelated way. Let Tazi help you optimize your business. Imagine if wasted food is as low as 4%

  • Predict the demand for each food item 15 minutes in advance.
  • Determine the reasons behind slow food production or undersupplied stores and plan effective actions.
  • Automatize the demand prediction process with TAZI’s continuous and real-time machine learning product.

Dynamic Pricing

With the help of TAZI's continuously updated machine learning models, predict the best prices for your products by learning from successful and profitable sales.

  • Apply price optimization based on real-time demand forecasts 
  • Understand reasons behind high demands for certain products 
  • Automate the pricing system and increase revenue

Pharmaceutical Demand Forecasting

Combine your insights on the data and TAZI’s patented machine learning technology and get accurate demand prediction with errors as low as 2%.

Out of Stock Prediction

Determine whether a certain product will be out of stock soon. Take proper actions beforehand on future inventory management and pricing to maximize your revenue.

  • Improve inventory management
  • Apply pricing optimization to prevent out-of-stock
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