Telco – WholeSale Fraud Detection

TAZI ML Platform enables early detection of anomalous call patterns of a voice switching infrastructure for a telecom operator. With the help of TAZI’s Human In the Loop, the feature includes fraud experts and updates the models to reduce false positives even when call patterns and regulations change.

  • Reduce the number of false positives 
  • Improve fraudulent call catch rate
  • Understand the fraudulent patterns in real-time

Campaign Response Prediction

Improve the response and conversion rate of your marketing campaigns with TAZI. Show the right campaign to the right person to get better customer satisfaction and better response.

  • Improve conversion rate of marketing campaigns 
  • Understand the customer segments that have a higher likelihood of response

High-Speed Internet Cross-Sell Prediction

Predict exactly which customers are more likely to buy the company's new product. TAZI’s continuously updated machine learning models predict who is likely to purchase the service with 75% accuracy.

  • Improve conversion rate of cross-sell campaigns 
  • Increase the number of products per household and maintain a retention rate

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