Machine Learning created for the benefit of all. This is made possible by our accessible, clever, and responsible ML.


Rapidly & efficiently create easy-to-use, actionable, and functional ML solutions for and alongside our customers using our proprietary automated platform.

Responsible AI

We believe in responsible AI. This is intrinsic in our platform design as well as our working principles. Data and appropriate decision-making based on such data are at the center of sound business. At TAZI we believe every human being can make use of our platform to make better decisions. Tazi is an enabler. People are the decision-makers. We want to have an impact on society through the positive use of AI.


TAZI is designed around user needs. It is human-centric and aims to provide ML for All. We believe ML should be part of society in a transparent way. We see ML as working next to humans as a co-worker, collaborator and trusted adviser. Ultimately, ML is human-centric. Our first step towards this human-centric AI is what we refer to as the democratization of AI. Currently, thanks to its easy-to-use interfaces and interactive explanations, our platform enables business experts to monitor, create and deploy ML solutions. Allowing AI to be used not only by developers or data scientists but also by business experts is a stepping stone towards the democratization of AI. The inclusion of business experts augments the benefits AI has in the organization.

Energy and Resource Efficiency

Our technology and agile deployment approach allow reducing the computation and human time cost of building and deploying machine learning systems. We minimize the complexity of machine learning systems by means of feature selection and feature engineering, both automatic and guided by the business expert. Not including unnecessary features reduces the spending for feature acquirement, processing, maintenance as well as the responsibility taken by the institutions. We believe that these design guidelines will help ML to be a more environment and business friendly technology.


TAZI subscribes to the European Union (EU) Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI. Furthermore, Tazi, nor its customers, use ML for any kind of segmentation based on gender, religion, or color. Tazi pays particular attention to data protection.


TAZI puts special emphasis on training through its TAZI Academy. We see AI technology as an enabler for future generations. Both in terms of job creation and better quality of life.



Is sincere, open and honest with others & triggers the building of a trusting environment
Is modest about personal strengths and achievements
Promotes team collaboration & cooperation


Develops new products, services, methods & approaches
Actively proposes new ideas & technologies, makes & welcomes unconventional requests to better accomplish their goals (raising the bar)
Focuses on innovations and improvements that will drive the stakeholder/customer experience forward & always sees through the lens of the customer

Personal Leadership

Is always a role model in terms of proactively taking the initiative (feels more responsible than they are accountable for) 
Appreciates, acknowledges, and encourages followers
Focuses on making a difference for their work, colleagues, society, and the clients


Listens generously & listens out for opportunities
Declares breakdown (raises red flags) when needed
Gives & receives constructive feedback and takes action

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